Visa Guidance to Bali from Europe & USA

In a year full of travel bans, long lockdowns, and canceled plans, people around the world have been looking forward to their next tropical vacation with eager anticipation. However, with so many restrictions in place, actually getting to these dream destinations can present a serious hurdle. Luckily, Bali has long been an extremely welcoming spot for tourists, and even during the pandemic, they were quick to begin allowing visitors to return to the island.

The Easiest Way To Plan Your Travel Holiday To Bali

If you’re planning a Bali holiday, by far the easiest and most efficient way to secure the necessary visa is through one of the many agents that offer such services. After all, navigating the Indonesian immigration system on your own can be challenging (to say the least), and inevitably requires many trips back and forth to your local office.

What Type Of Visa Is Possible For Bali?

Currently, only business and sometimes social (family) visas are available for travelers who want to enter from outside the country. To apply, not only do you need to pull together lots of standard paperwork, but also a sponsor who will be responsible for your activities while you’re in Indonesia. If you don’t have any close friends or family with Indonesian passports who are willing to sponsor you, an agent is the only option. Your agent will provide you with a sponsor letter and handle all the communication with immigration. All you have to do is provide your basic information and hand over your passport.

The Bali Indonesian E-Visa

Recently, the Indonesian government has released Electronic Visa (e-Visa) containing an approval for a foreigner to travel to Indonesia and a requirement for granting stay permit after undergoing the health protocol procedure. Giving fresh air for foreigners from Europe and the USA who has the need to travel to Indonesia at a certain time. Especially for European tourists who contribute the highest number for tourism in Bali. Since Bali is still closed for an international flight, foreigners first landed in Jakarta and will take a domestic flight to Bali. Soon their arrival in Bali, they need to do self-isolation for 14 days.

What E-Visa Types are Possible?

E-Visa that mostly chosen is Single Entry Visa B211A which is given to foreigners to allow them to travel to Indonesia for purposes such as diplomatic, business meeting, tourism, social culture, study, non-commercial sports or family reunion. While B221B for work activity to provide training, guidance, or quality control for all company based in Indonesia and B221C or media visa for journalism purposes; must obtain permission from the competent authority.

How To Apply For E-Visa

To apply for e-Visa B221A is required to have a sponsor in Indonesia. The application will be done by the sponsor online. The validity includes an initial stay for 60 days and extendable up to 4 times. Each extension gives 30 days to stay. At least 7 days before it is expired for the visa holder to extend the visa. Requirements needed for the application are visa application form, copy of valid passport at least 6 months, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, account statement and flight tickets (return or onward ticket before boarding).

Bali Visa Agent Could Be Easier

A visa agent is the easiest way for foreigners to travel to Bali. Without worrying about the process because the agent will take care of everything needed for the applicant. Costs that may be incurred for the entire process is around IDR 9 million. Includes sponsorship fee, visa fee, approval, and e-Visa. Exclude for extension around IDR 1 million/30 days. The processing time for e-Visa is from 1 to 3 working days.

The Bali Indonesian Retirement Visa Option

Another option is Retirement KITAS/Index 319 for the applicant with a minimum age of 55 years old. The validity includes an initial stay for 1 year, which can be extended up to 5 years. Requirements needed are copy passport at least 18 months, retirement income statement, health, and life insurance, flight tickets, sponsor letter, current address in Bali, copy of property owner and housekeeper’s ID. With the agent, the process will take approx. 7-14 working days, costs around IDR 18 million for one year with IDR 10 million for the renewal fee. The agent will provide sponsorship, immigration report, e-KITAS, and multiple entry re-exit permits.

When Bali Indonesian E-Visa Issued

After the e-Visa issued, the applicant will receive the e-Visa by email and arrange the plan to enter Indonesia accordingly. The e-Visa is valid for 90 days for the visa holder to enter Indonesia. Health certificate declaring a free from Covid-19 that valid no more than 7 days is required to provide upon arrival. Surely, this regulation is the best solution for foreigners to visit Bali while the pandemic is still ongoing.

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