The COVID 19 pandemic has hit all over the world giving a tremendous effect in every country, including Indonesia. This developing country opens up a great opportunity for investors to invest and this situation only makes it difficult for entering Indonesia. Also, for foreigners who want to visit the country for tourism destination.

Visa on arrival and tourist visa has been temporary dismissed, becomes something for foreigners to consider. But the government does not just let it go. Since October 13, 2020, the visa directorate has conducted a trial of electronic visa or e-visa. Which is after the applicant submits the application, the application will respond by sending the request number and billing code. Of course, this is a new breakthrough in the context of visa regulation, in addition to make the previous system way more practical.

According to Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights no 26, 2020, implementing e-visa is an effort to restore the national economy in adaptation to new normal. As well as a restriction on foreigners to enter Indonesia, as well as it is also to provide clarity for those who “stranded” in Indonesia. The implementation of this regulation is carried out by health protocol. The arrangements in this regulation are temporary until the pandemic ends. Those from overseas who plan to visit Bali, applying e-visa is considerably worth to do. Away from complicated kinds of stuff and can be done before entering the country.

Applying e-visa from abroad which will be used as an entry permit for foreigners to Indonesia during the COVID 19 pandemic only accommodates those who work in national strategic projects, investors, work informal sector as well as medical personnel and aid workers and humanitarian purposes. Visas are provided includes Single entry Visa B211A & B211B and Limited stay visa; Index C312, Index C313, Index C314, Index C317 and Index C319.

Several additional requirements need to be considered in applying e-visa. Applicants are expected to learn the procedure and information before submitting an application. Be sure to apply the right visa for foreigner based on their activities in Indonesia. The main requirements that must be prepared by the applicants are as follows: an Indonesian sponsor, health certificate declaring a free from COVID 19, a statement about willingness to do quarantine, health insurance, the income statement of USD 10,000 in funds, pay PNPB and approval from Director General of Immigration (Dirjen Imigrasi).

The application can be done for offshore or onshore. The first thing that the sponsor does is registering himself to get a user ID and password through the website Next, they will log in using the ID and same password. Select the type of visa they need to apply for, input data and upload all required documents. Soon after they will receive the billing code to make payment. Please note that the billing code is valid for 7 working days. More than that, the application will be automatically rejected. It takes around 5 working days to receive notification about the visa status where it is approved or rejected. After getting approval, the e-visa will be sent by email to the sponsor and foreigner. For offshore, a foreigner can directly enter Indonesia, while onshore the foreigner come to the immigration office. Next, the immigration officer immediately processes a residence permit.

There are many conveniences in applying e-visa such as the applications submitted online through the website, the applicant does not need to come to the embassy to pick up their visa. Soon it is approved, they can directly enter Indonesia, there are no physical meetings between sponsor or the applicant and immigration officers.

Other things, both sponsor and applicant should take a note in applying e-visa is the documents must be complete. Make sure that all documents uploaded are complete and original. When documents are not complete will cause e-visa to be rejected. This will also be a consideration that PNBP money that has been paid will not be returned if the application is rejected. Amount of USD 10,000 is also one of the main requirements which are used to assess the adequacy of a person’s living costs while in Indonesia. Can use either the bank statement from the sponsor or the foreigner.

The eases obtained by the implementation of this e-visa provides an opportunity for foreigners to allow them to visit Indonesia, especially Bali. Technology is providing major support to the visa application system in the country, making it easier for foreigners to enter Bali and to apply for residency permits that may be needed in the future.

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